A natural energy boost in place of caffeine may sound about as real as Big Foot or the Tooth Fairy.

As most people wake up and have a cup of coffee or caffeinated tea in order to have enough energy to tackle the tasks of the day, giving that up might sound impossible. But due to coffee’s highly acidic nature, it can harm digestive health if consumed in excess and create an environment that encourages dis-ease. And the thing about caffeine is that the body develops a tolerance to it – requiring you to consume more and more to achieve the same heightened level of alertness.

A natural, healthy and beneficial way to rise and shine each morning without caffeine or a vigorous, and time consuming, workout is Belly Button Healing.

Your gut holds more than one third of the body’s blood supply and Belly Button Healing is a highly effective way to circulate this blood throughout the body – from head to toe – increasing the flow of ki, vital life force energy. Regular blood circulation is the key to revitalized energy.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, navel stimulation is used in emergency treatment (in addition to traditional CPR) to immediately revive someone who has suddenly lost consciousness. There is a massive collection of energy in the navel and abdomen and by stimulating this specific point, you are reinvigorating the flow of ki (vital life force) energy throughout your entire body.

There is always energy coursing through our bodies. The flow of this energy is dependent on external and internal circumstances and can be controlled by the mind and physical movement. Belly Button Healing helps you activate and harness this energy in a way that awakens your internal organs, nervous system, senses and heightens alertness.

By practicing Belly Button Healing for just 5-minutes first thing in the morning, you may find that your body awakens more naturally as your energy courses through you. This also creates a more steady flow of energy throughout the day and you may find that you are less tired after lunch and may even be able to fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly.

When you lack vitality or are feeling the afternoon slump, pressing on the navel will help your body recover vigor and help your mind make it through the rest of the day without reaching for the coffee cup.

Unfortunately, cutting caffeine out of your morning or daily routine can cause withdrawal symptoms including headaches and irritability. But with Belly Button Healing, the natural flow of energy will, over time, become more consistent and your baseline of energy can rise as you practice more frequently. This method will also help relieve headaches and increase production of mood boosting hormones.
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