We’ve all been there – unable to go to the bathroom and extremely uncomfortable. Constipation is incredibly common and can severely affect our health if not remedied. You can relieve constipation naturally with Belly Button Healing. 

According to HealthDay, “Roughly 12 to 19 percent of the population in North America — as many as 63 million people — suffer from constipation, according to the review. In the United States, the direct cost of treating constipation is about $235 million a year, another study has found.Jun 28, 2009.”

When we get backed up, the waste and toxins that need to leave our bodies are unable to and they continue to be absorbed through the intestines. If you haven’t had a bowel movement in over 3 days, chances are you’re constipated. But why does this happen, and for some, so frequently? There are many factors including dehydration, diet, stress, lack of sleep, no exercise, inconsistent schedule, and more.

What our bodies need when we are constipated is movement. Exercise helps greatly, as well as water, oil and fiber. But if you’re still not able to clear the blockage and release the waste, then physical stimulation may be helpful.

The navel is an important acupressure point and has been used for millennia in eastern medicine for a wide range of ailments—one being constipation and digestive issues. Belly Button Healing, the direct and mindful stimulation of the navel, is a revolutionary method that can help get things moving in your abdomen. The light pumping motion of the Belly Button Healing wand increases circulation of blood and energy which creates heat in the abdomen and encourages flow.

It only takes 5 minutes of Belly Button Healing once or twice a day to begin to see and feel a shift in your body. Improving your gut health with this method will also have a cascade effect on the health of your entire body.

Watch this video to learn a quick gut health exercise that can help relieve constipation and maintain a regular and healthy flow.