As Belly Button Healing makes an impact on people’s lives and health around the world, we are lucky to receive many stories of change, healing and vitality.

One such story is/comes from from New Zealand. Te Aorangi Harrington stumbled upon Belly Button Healing at the 2017 Earth Citizen Peace Festival in New Zealand happening near his town and decided to take his family to check it out. He has since fallen in love with the results he’s experiencing from the method and has become a Belly Button Healing Affiliate to spread the word locally and help people discover their own natural healing power – all while earning a commission.

At the festival, he noticed many people walking around with “yellow plastic sticks” and using them as massage devices, especially on the abdomen around the navel. Curiosity inspired him to inquire further, and he was astonished at his subsequent experience.

“On arriving at the venue we quickly noticed a whole bunch of people carrying what looked like yellow plastic sticks. They were rubbing different parts of their bodies with these things, but in particularly they were pressing these yellow plastic sticks into their naval regions. There was a lady who was standing next to me who had one of these funny looking yellow sticks as well.  I turned towards her and asked ‘Excuse me what is that stick thing you are using?’. She told me it was called a Belly Button Healing Wand.  I said ‘Umm sorry can you say that again?’. She replied “It is called a Belly Button Healing Wand.”  I asked “so what is it and what does it do?”  She firstly explained to me that the Belly Button Healing Method was created by a man named Ilchi Lee the founder of Body and Brain Yoga and the Earth Citizen Movement.

So I began pumping this yellow stick into my belly button. I would be honest and say that it seemed a little ridiculous and it felt very strange at first, but after only a couple of minutes of continuously pushing this belly button healing wand into my navel and then having a rest, my neck felt so much better. I couldn’t believe it.”

Suffering from frequent pain, he and his wife were not actively seeking a solution but one found them in the most beautiful way.

After trying the Belly Button Healing method for the first time, Te Aorangi and his wife both felt physical relief that had once been tight, blocked and tender. Just a few minutes of the method helped them realize that they hold the power to heal themselves in their hands (literally!).

“From then till now we have not stopped using the Belly Button Healing Stick. It has improved our life dramatically. We all have more energy, I now have no pain in my neck, my wife’s constipation and stomach cramps have settled as well as her back pain, which has nearly all but gone. The Belly Button Healing Kit is incredible and has truly done wonders for our family.”

With stories like this, we can’t help but want to spread this incredible self-healing method as far and wide as possible. It is our goal at Belly Button Healing to help as many people realize they have the power to heal themselves if they have the right mindset, tools and education.

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