More than one-third of American adults do not get enough sleep on a regular basis.¹ We can take sleeping meditations or switch out our current mattress and pillows for more comfortable ones, but what if there was an easier and healthier way to get better sleep without bending over backwards or counting sheep? A new self-healing technique called Belly Button Healing draws wisdoms from both Eastern and Western medicine and offers the key to a good night’s sleep by stimulation of the navel.

The Belly Button for “Rest-and-Digest”
Belly Button Healing is a new healing technique with a very simple concept. Using the fingers or the
Belly Button Healing tool, one pushes in and out of the navel making pumping motions that massage the intestinal muscles underneath. The belly button is highly regarded in Eastern medicine as a powerful reflexology point for healing, and the massaging movements of Belly Button Healing utilize the navel as a gateway to stimulate the vagus nerve below it in charge of resting the body deeply.

The vagus nerve is a key player in relaxation and sleep. It is a network of nerves that blankets and touches every major organ of the body from the brain down to the abdomen whose main role is to activate the body’s natural system of resting and healing. What makes the vagus nerve so effective is its net-like structure: stimulating one area ripples effects onto all the other organs it touches. Conveniently enough, one of the organs it affects is the small intestine, which sits directly below the navel. The other organs of the vagus nerve are protected by bone or large amounts of tissue, fat, and muscle (i.e. heart, brain, lungs, large intestine) so they are either difficult or impossible to access from the outside. However, the navel is covered by only thin skin and is the most open point from the outside to stimulate the vagus nerve underneath. Belly Button Healing takes this knowledge and uses the belly button as a key window of opportunity to change the body from stress to rest that serves your body well for getting a good night’s sleep that is both recharging and rejuvenating.

Unlucky for us, a typical modern day lifestyle puts our bodies in a prolonged (sometimes perpetual) state of stress. By stimulating the navel and ultimately the vagus nerve beneath it, Belly Button Healing flips the stress response to a state of comfortable rest-and-digest. Just as you flip a switch to hit the lights before bed every night, the belly button serves as a type of “switch” in the body to turn off the busy mind and turn on the ideal resting stage for sleep. Stimulating this important reflexology point can prove to be very advantageous in getting deeper, more relaxed sleep.

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