I always thought I was a healthy person. So, when food intolerance crept up on me unexpectedly, it completely flipped my mind (and stomach) upside down. There’s so much talk these days about people developing food intolerance and businesses catering to a growing market of gluten- dairy- soy- egg- peanut- and whatever-ever-else-FREE person out there that it’s almost becoming a new “normal” standard.

About the time I turned 18, I started developing a sensitivity to gluten. The evidence was clear from the horrible cystic acne that would come up in groups all around my face every time I ate anything with gluten in it. The acne was so bad that at a certain point, my face was showing more red from the inflammation than it was my actual skin color underneath. It broke my heart and took a huge chunk out of my self-esteem looking at my face in the mirror, but what I hated most was that I had lost control of my own body. I began tiptoeing around gluten–dodging it like a landmine. Avoiding gluten foods definitely helped calm down my acne, but it still didn’t make them go away completely. I was putting in so much effort and it still wasn’t fully helping! I bent over backwards with expensive creams, ridiculous diets and meal plans, supplements, masks…you name it. I remember feeling really helpless and trapped.

To make things worse, the year after, I developed a dairy intolerance on top of gluten sensitivity. The cystic acne that had subsided from avoiding gluten was now coming back up again at full speed with milk products. It was horrifying to see myself living in this fear again. What was happening to me? I couldn’t believe that the list of foods I needed to avoid was growing longer despite me doing my best to take care of my body. Long story short, I battled with this up and down for about ten years. It was a time of much confusion, anger, frustration, helplessness, and sadness.

Then…along came this mysterious thing called Belly Button Healing. I had heard about it at work when the Kit first came out in June 2016. So first off, I have to admit I was not a fan of Belly Button Healing in the beginning. I had the same reaction that most people give me now when I tell them about Belly Button Healing for the first time: “Ummmm……What??!” I had heard of a lot of weird things people do and come up with in the name of healing, but this was just too weird for even me.

But, I like trying new things so I gave it a go anyway. Despite what it looked and sounded like, it felt…kinda good. Whoa. It was a little embarrassing for me to admit that and the fact that my gut was rock hard underneath the navel. Sheesh! It took me probably a full month to get over the “weirdness” of Belly Button Healing, but the more I researched about the philosophy and science behind it and the importance of gut health, the more all of this really made a whole lot of basic common sense. It was at that moment of realization that my resistance to pumping my navel vanished.

I had started Belly Button Healing totally separate from all of the food intolerance problems that were happening to me—which means I didn’t seek out Belly Button Healing on purpose with the goal and intention of fixing my food sensitivities. But strangely enough, after about two months, its path crossed and came together with that of my food sensitivities. I was amazed to see that my cystic acne had slowly started disappearing for real from my face. It couldn’t have been any special cream or treatment I was doing because at this point, I had given up all hope and wasn’t using or eating anything special. But, even without that and not changing anything except adding Belly Button Healing in my life, my brain and stomach were noticeably feeling better too with very regular and easy bowel movement. I had a total shock moment like…”whaaaaaat?! How could this be?” It was all too good to be happening in real life, so I put Belly Button Healing to the test by introducing gluten back into my diet to see what it would do. To be honest, I was fully expecting the acne to come back because I had tried everything out there before to get the horrible cystic acne gone and nothing had ever worked. How was it at all possible in all factors of probability that this simple yellow tool was really the solution that I was looking for all along? No way.

OMG YES WAY! I was back freely eating gluten again and my face, mind, and stomach were looking and feeling better than it ever did. It was such an exciting moment for me when I realized that I had finally found an outlet of freedom. I was gaining more and more confidence and felt comfortable enough to try introducing dairy back in as well. Months of no dietary restrictions later—still no acne, headache, or stomach aches at all and regular bowel movement. What made me the happiest was that I didn’t feel like a slave to my dietary needs anymore: I had taken back control of my body. Before, my dietary restrictions were controlling mebut now, I felt like I was controlling IT and became the master of my own body again. 

Wow! Belly Button Healing was completely a life changer for me. I realize now that all of my health struggles were due to an imbalance of bad bacteria in my gut compared to the good bacteria, which Belly Button Healing helped return to a healthy state of normal. At this point, there was nothing in the world that anyone could say about Belly Button Healing that could make me have doubts about it. How could it, when I’ve witnessed first hand my immense struggle with food sensitivities and acne GONE with this truly amazing technique and device?

A lot of people look at Belly Button Healing with skepticism because its concept is so new and still so foreign to the brain. What I want to leave you with is this: take a chance, and take the plunge. I came out on top, and Belly Button Healing was probably the best thing I’ve done for myself in terms of physical, mental, and emotional health in my whole life. I say this with confidence not only from my own story but also the stories of a community of others who also won the battle against their own personal struggles with Belly Button Healing.


About the Author: Linda Yoonjin
A native of Los Angeles, Linda has been a certified Eastern-style yoga, meditation, and mind-body wellness educator for the last three years. Her current passion is Belly Button Healing, which she credits to her overcoming a ten-year struggle with food sensitivities. Since then, she has become an expert on Belly Button Healing and has been educating people around the world through online live classes and YouTube.