Author: Christy Jones

How many of you have friends that think you are a little crazy when you enthusiastically start telling them about Belly Button Healing? Can anyone relate? I have decided that everyone needs to know about and experience Belly Button Healing even if they think it is strange.

My fascination with the gut brain connection started years ago with my middle daughter, Madelyn, started having stomach issues. Whenever her stomach hurt, her head would hurt so I knew there was a connection between the gut and the brain. However, ten years ago there was not that much information out there on this topic. When I was introduced to Belly Button Healing, it all made perfect sense to me, and I was a quick believer in what it could do to help heal people.

At age 11, my daughter was diagnosed with an ulcer. She was in pain whenever she ate and was losing her love for life.  As a parent, it was heartbreaking to see and not know what to do. I took her to a children’s gastrointestinal specialist who wanted to put her on antidepressants but that was not something I was open to. Luckily, I was introduced to a nutritionist who showed me how to heal her body with alkalizing foods. I was amazed how well her body responded.

This opened up a new door for me as I came into contact with so many people having health challenges. I started teaching them how to heal their bodies with healthy food and taught cooking classes.  I wish I had the Belly Button Healing wand years ago because it would have been so helpful for my daughter and the other people I worked with.

Fast forward nine years and now I am a Certified Health Coach who specializes in working with families. I provide families with tools for living healthy in a very busy and processed world. In my practice, I focus on digestive health for every member of the family, and one of my key tools is Belly Button Healing. Anyone who has experienced Belly Button Healing knows just how powerful it is. Most often it is used for adults.

A few weeks ago I was doing Belly Button Healing on my sister-in-law who has suffered from Crohn’s disease. My niece who is six years old asked me to do Belly Button Healing on her too, and she instantly relaxed as I started working on her! I was barely even pressing on the wand. She loved it! My nephew is eight years old and he was also excited to have a turn. He instantly relaxed too and shared that he felt incredibly calm and focused. It was in that moment I realized what a powerful tool the Belly Button Healing wand is for children too and not just adults.

Besides being a health coach, I work in the Glendora School District (CA) with over 2,500 students a year teaching them how to make healthy lifestyle choices. I see firsthand the rise of students affected by ADHD, ADD, food allergies, autism, anxiety and stress. My goal is to help children to live healthy lives and to turn around the current disease epidemic in children in our country. I believe that Belly Button Healing can be a powerful tool for children to build a healthy immune system, improve digestion, increase focus, reduce stress and to practice tuning into their bodies from a young age.

I now encourage parents to introduce Belly Button Healing to their children.

Tips for using with children:

  • Have child lay down and breathe in through their nose and out through their mouth
  • Use the middle-sized end because it is gentler
  • Use the smallest about of pressure
  • Healing before bedtime can help them to relax and sleep better just like it does for adults
  • This is a great tool to help children build a healthy digestive system and help them increase healthy microbes. 1 out of every 3 Americans has some type of digestive issue. Teaching children how to build a healthy gut at a young age will give them a better chance to avoid issues later.

Note:  Be incredibly careful when working with children. I recommend being training by an experienced Belly Button Healing Affiliate before introducing this to your child.

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