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As we draw May to a close, I want to share with you some great news that really inspired me. Shaikhah Alasousi is a Belly Button Healing Affiliate from Kuwait who is sharing the tool with the people in her home country. She recently shared Belly Button Healing with a friend, who saw potential in it to bring health and happiness to a group of orphaned boys that she works with. Today, I bring you the inspiring story of healing across the globe with Belly Button Healing!


Bringing Healing to Orphaned Boys in Kuwait

Shaikhah Alasousi from Kuwait is a Belly Button Healing Affiliate. She has been sharing Belly Button Healing to people around her, and one particular lady that she’s inspired with the tool is someone who works with orphaned teenage boys. Her friend saw potential in Belly Button Healing to bring health and happiness to the boys so she bought 6 travel sized wands from Shaikhah and donated them to the boys! I had the privilege of connecting with them via Skype, and we had a great time bonding and learning the importance of maintaining their health to achieve their dreams.

Belly Button Healing is doing amazing things in the community and worldwide—not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. I really believe in the power of this tool to bring total health of body, mind, and spirit to anyone who invests the time and energy into the practice. For me, Belly Button Healing goes far greater than just my small self. I see it as a tool of empowerment to change the way we interact with our bodies and each other. It’s a symbol of hope! If you have a passion to help a certain group of people around you (like Shaikhah does with the boys in Kuwait) with Belly Button Healing, please let me know how I can help! I’m always here. THANK YOU Shaikhah for your amazing work!


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Next Online Live Class

Move Your Gut!: Healing Exercises for Constipation

June 8 | June 22, 2017

Host: Linda Yoonjin

My live class series is back, and this time, we will be tackling constipation! We will learn and experience healing exercises that move your gut to break up blockages in your intestines that prevent smooth flow. The classes will feature intestine exercise, Belly Button Healing, and core energy accumulation. Please RSVP to this free live class by clicking this link.

If you know anyone near you who suffers from constipation, let them know about this free opportunity! The Belly Button Healing wand is recommended but not required to have to attend.


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