Hello Affiliates!

How is everyone doing? I miss everyone! It’s been a long time since we connected through an Affiliate live class, huh? I miss those–would you be interested in reconvening sometime soon? 🙂 I’m thinking of doing one sometime in July. I’d love for everyone to join, and we can just casually chat about any questions or comments you have for me or for other Affiliates. Let me know if you’re interested!


Good News

Did you know that we offer wholesale pricing and Affiliate discounts for the travel size wand too? The travel wand is not yet available on bellybuttonhealing.com so you can’t get a commission for it. BUT, we can discount your commission percentage (15% for regular Affiliates, 25% for Business Affiliates) from the retail price when you purchase it yourself. This means that it has to be you making the purchase (not your client), but you can always sell it to your client after buying it from us.

The retail price for the travel wand is $85. Regular Affiliates can buy it at $72.25, and $63.75 for Business Affiliates. Business Affiliates can also get their usual 30% off retail price wholesale rate for purchasing travel size wands in bulk. I know some of you prefer the smaller wand, so we are making this an option for you!

Since the travel wands aren’t available to order online through bellybuttonhealing.com, please let me know if you’d like to purchase some and I’ll help you with the order directly!


New Level of Affiliate

Just a reminder that you can now have Affiliates under you and make a 7% commission off their sales. Let me know if you want me to add your name to the list of referrers so the new Affiliates can be linked with your account.


New Affiliates

Darrell Wolfe
Nancy Rizzo
Latoya Ramkisson
Mojan McClendon
Dawn Foster
Natalie Bennett
Weston White

Darrell, Nancy, Latoya, Mojan, Dawn, Natalie, and Weston–please join our BBH Affiliates Facebook group at this link: facebook.com/groups/bbhaffiliates. Everyone else, let’s welcome them in!


Next Online Live Class

Move Your Gut!: Healing Exercises for Constipation
June 22nd @ 8pm EDT
Host: Linda Yoonjin


This is part 2 of the free live online class series on constipation. We will experience intestine exercise, Belly Button Healing, and core energy accumulation in a different way than the first live class. The class will be an hour long. If you know someone who might enjoy a great free class on relieving constipation, please pass the word along! The Belly Button Healing wand is recommended but not required to have to attend. Attending a live class is especially great for new Affiliates who want to try Belly Button Healing more in depth! To RSVP and join me online, click this link.


Until next week!



Linda Yoonjin
Affiliate Manager
Belly Button Healing