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Our newsletter this week is all about constipation. From blog post to live class—we are concerned with all things about clearing a blocked gut! Maybe some of you are already making Fourth of July plans…and maybe some of those plans include a beach, lake, or even a BBQ. Why not take this time to prepare your body for the holiday by cleaning the gut? This week is a great week to get started…so here we go with this week’s news!


Featured Blog Post: Natural Constipation Solution Beyond Eating Healthy and Probiotics

Know someone who has constipation? Unfortunately, constipation is a rather large-spread problem in the United States so we’ll bet you do. Let’s think of the gut very simply: at the root of what it is, the gut is just a long system of muscles that get tight and tired over time and use like any other muscle in the body. Belly Button Healing offers gentle massaging of the gut muscles that will get the kinks out of your intestines very well to relieve whatever is blocking your digestive flow. So if you think about it…constipation is your gut muscles having a huge muscle cramp! Instead of taking a pill to relieve a muscle cramp, why not try massaging it out the natural way? It’s the most natural and logical way to relieve constipation. If you know someone who needs help from constipation, please pass this article along!


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Next Online Live Class

Move Your Gut!: Healing Exercises for Constipation
June 22nd @ 8pm EDT
Host: Linda Yoonjin

This is part 2 of the free live online class series on constipation. We will experience intestine exercise, Belly Button Healing, and core energy accumulation in a different way than the first live class. If you know someone who might enjoy a great free class on relieving constipation, please pass the word along! And if you already joined the first class, please come again to experience another side of the three main exercises. The Belly Button Healing wand is recommended but not required to have to attend. Attending a live class is especially great for new Affiliates who want to try Belly Button Healing more in depth! To RSVP and join me online, click this link.


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