Hi Affiliates!

How is everyone doing these days? I feel like I haven’t heard from you all in a while! I am thinking of you often.

Did you get to watch the vibration (dance) episode of the 14 Days of Deeper Sleep live class series from last Thursday? You can watch it here if you missed it. This upcoming week’s sleep live class will be the last of the series (already!), so I hope you can join me.


Featured Blog Post: Harness the Power of the Gut Brain for Balance and Relaxation

Did you know that our website (bellybuttonhealing.com) has a blog? This week, I want to share with you our blog post about the BRAIN + GUT BRAIN CONNECTION. The topic of a “gut brain” is currently a hot and trending health topic, and this article explains in detail about what it is and how Belly Button Healing helps strengthen this vital connection in the body. (Hint: There are some great scientific tidbits you can pick up here to tell your clients about.) Read the full article here.


New Affiliates

Yelena Rybachenok
Lernik Moradian
Monica Garza

Yelena, Lernik, and Monica- please join our BBH Affiliates Facebook group at this link: facebook.com/groups/bbhaffiliates. Everyone else, let’s welcome them in!


Next Webinar

14 Days of Rejuvenating Movements for Deeper Sleep
With Host: Linda Yoonjin

Thursday, May 4 @ 8pm EDT
Reserve your spot

This Thursday, we will learn various stretches that incorporate the Belly Button Healing tool to sink deeper into your body. The tool is a great supporting device that helps your body elongate more effectively and stretch farther without straining your body as much. Join and find out how this tool can assist you in that way! We will also go over some important acupressure points in the body to massage with the tool and release deeply seeded tension that leads to shallow sleep. It’s the last live class of this 3-part series, so you don’t want to miss out on this one. Let your friends, family, and clients know too if they want to learn with you! You can send them this link to join: https://www.changeyourenergy.com/live-class/749/14-days-of-rejuvenating-movements-for-deeper-sleep-part3. All they need is a free ChangeYourEnergy.com account to view the class.


I hope to see you all there!



Linda Yoonjin
Affiliate Manager
Belly Button Healing