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Today and last night we got some very welcomed showers in dry Arizona. It was a very refreshing time to cool ourselves from the heat wave we experienced here last week. I hope you are all doing well where you are. The main news this week is a blog post that I wrote about my personal experience with Belly Button Healing and how I came to love this tool myself. Also, we will be holding a new online live class series for two episodes on Belly Button Healing and other healing exercises for constipation.


Featured Blog Post: How I Gained Freedom from Gluten and Dairy Allergies

Many people ask me how I got started with Belly Button Healing. Well, here’s my story! I was able to overcome a ten-year struggle with food allergies (gluten and dairy) all thanks to our small, miraculous, yellow tool that we all know and love. I became a total believer after my own experience and started working to help others with this tool as well. If you know anyone who is suffering from food allergies like I once did, you can help them with Belly Button Healing and give them a sense of hope through this article.


New Affiliates

Shaikhah Alasousi
Cherie Clark-Moore
Shaikhah and Cherie- please join our BBH Affiliates Facebook group at this link: facebook.com/groups/bbhaffiliates. Everyone else, let’s welcome them in!


Next Online Live Class

Move Your Gut!: Healing Exercises for Constipation
Host: Linda Yoonjin
Dates: June 1 | June 8, 2017

Stay tuned for more information about these two live classes! We will be sending out more information in the weeks to come.


I hope you all have a great finish to your week! Sending you lots of love and good vibes.




Linda Yoonjin
Affiliate Manager
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