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This week’s newsletter is short and sweet!

We made an official introduction video of our travel size wand, so if you yourself were wondering or if anyone else around you was wondering about its details…here they are!


Introducing: Travel Size Wand

Have you checked out our travel size Belly Button Healing wand? It’s a convenient alternative to carrying around the full size wand- especially when you’re travelling on an airplane. It fits right into your bag and you can even wear it around your neck with the handy strap that comes with it! Some TSA are strict about the full size wand being carried onto the plane, but we’ve had zero issues with the travel size one at any airport.

The travel size wand also contains the added benefit of FIR (far infrared ray) material called Hantoryum, which emits infrared rays (invisible to human eyes) for healing the body and cell turnover. Check out full details about this product at ChangeYourEnergy.com.


We do offer wholesale discounts for the travel size wand too with the same requirements as the full size Kit. Purchase a minimum of 5 and get 35% off retail price, which drops it from $85 retail to $55.25 a piece.


Next Online Live Class

Move Your Gut!: Healing Exercises for Constipation

Host: Linda Yoonjin

Dates: June 8 | June 22, 2017 *note the date changes*

Please note that the dates for these two live classes have changed. We will be sending out details about where and how to join in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!

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Linda Yoonjin
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