Hello Affiliates!

How is everyone doing? Do you have fun plans for the Independence Day holiday? I hope all of you will get a well-deserved rest to recharge and refresh your body and mind.

I will be going off to New Zealand! This means that I will not be available on the phone (boo…) BUT will still have access to my emails. If you need to get a hold of me with any questions or help, please drop me a line at: affiliate@bellybuttonhealing.com. I will return to the U.S. on July 13th.

I wish I could take all of you with me! Maybe one day we can have an Affiliates reunion in New Zealand—it’s my absolute favorite place on Earth! One day…… 🙂


Good News

You can now re-read all past Affiliate Newsletters in one convenient location! We’ve archived all of the past Affiliate email newsletters for anyone who wants to stay connected with the information that was previous shared. This is especially great for the newer Affiliates who never received the previous ones that went out! I’ve shared some useful information for Affiliates to use as tools so you can now refer to all of them by clicking here.

Another way to access this content is to login to your Affiliate Dashboard and click “Affiliate Articles.”

New Affiliates

Jyoti Patel
Rafael Calderon
Gail Palms
Harold V
Norma Ford
Maria Elena Gonzalez
Talibah Young
Sabrina Wooden

Jyoti, Rafael, Gail, Harold, Norma, Maria, Talibah, and Sabrina—please join our BBH Affiliates Facebook group at this link: facebook.com/groups/bbhaffiliates. Everyone else, let’s welcome them in!


Next Online Live Class

Light Detox for Summer with Access to Free 21-Day Detox Program
With Yolessa Lawrinnce and Linda Yoonjin

July 20, Aug 1, Aug 10 @ 8pm EDT

Mark your calendars for this free detox course for summer! Yolessa Lawrinnce is an expert in detoxing the body, and we are collaborating together this summer to get you feeling good and clean inside. Stay tuned for more information regarding where to sign up and how.

That’s it for this week. Have a safe and happy Independence Day holiday! I’ll send you some pictures from New Zealand in the next newsletter 😉


Linda Yoonjin

Affiliate Manager

Belly Button Healing