Kia Ora! (“Hello” in native Maori language of New Zealand)

I’m flying back to the States from New Zealand tonight, so I’ll finally be able to check all the cell phone messages that I’ve missed while being away on vacation. Sorry if you’ve been trying to reach me!

It’s so beautiful here in New Zealand I want to share with you some images from my trip-

It’s currently winter in New Zealand, which means a lot of rain that pours throughout the day. There are rainbows that pop up everywhere from the rain!

Have you ever seen a haka performance? The haka is a culturally significant dance from Maori culture that is currently performed at special occasions. It originally started as a war cry dance to intimidate the opposition, so the energy of the performances are so strong! There’s something about hakas that move me to tears. Try watching some haka performances on YouTube!

Fresh fish caught, broiled, and consumed on the same day.

Can you smell the clean air? Nature is so pristine and beautiful here I loved breathing it all in.


Good News

One of our Affiliates, Rafael Calderon, operates his own TV show in New Hampshire called “CHW In Action.” He features people who are impacting their communities physically, emotionally, and/or mentally to come speak on his show, and he was so kind enough to invite me to one of his segments! I’m sharing with you the recording that happened just before the Independence Day holiday break. Rafael and I talk about the benefits of Belly Button Healing as well as its future in impacting the lives of all people around the world for natural healing.  


New Affiliates
Andreea Matei
Claude Saban
Alyssa Renkas
Cesar Gutierrez
Andreea, Claude, Alyssa, and Cesar—please join our BBH Affiliates Facebook group at this link: Everyone else, let’s welcome them in!


Next Online Live Class

Light Detox for Summer with Access to Free 21-Day Detox Program
With Yolessa Lawrinnce and Linda Yoonjin

July 20, Aug 1, Aug 10 @ 8pm EDT

Mark your calendars for this free detox course for summer! Yolessa Lawrinnce is an expert in detoxing the body, and we are collaborating together this summer with Belly Button Healing to get you feeling good and clean inside. Visit this link for information about the materials that are needed, as well as the button to stream the class on the day of the live broadcast!

And that’s a wrap for this week! See you all soon 🙂  



Linda Yoonjin
Affiliate Manager
Belly Button Healing