Belly Button Healing is a simple and effective way to achieve total-body health in just a few minutes a day— a quick, one-step, self-healing method that mindfully stimulates the belly button for gut and brain health, energy, and stress and pain relief. But what makes this revolutionary method even more powerful is the material that we’ve included in the Belly Button Healing wand: Hantoryum.

What is Hantoryum?

Hantoryum is a compound of carefully selected healing earth minerals and clay, such as zeolite, elvan, loess, and red clay, which have been used for their healing properties for thousands of years. When is comes in contact with the skin, the natural power of the material is transfered to the body and that’s when the magic happens.

Hantoryum has been scientifically proven to emit far infrared rays (FIRs)—naturally occurring invisible, healing light waves with a particular wavelength that reaches past the skin and deep within your body. When you spend time in sunshine, the sense of inner warmth, relaxation and rejuvenation you feel is the effect of the sun’s far infrared rays. The Hantoryum Healing Mat provides the same restorative benefits, which can be felt even after just a few minutes.

What are the benefits of Hantoryum?

There are many scientific studies detailing the proven health benefits of far infrared rays, which are emitted by Hantroyum.

Healing Benefits of Hantoryum Include:

  • Boosts immune system
  • Activates self-healing capability
  • Balances metabolism
  • Improves circulation
  • Regenerates and strengthens cells
  • Relieves chronic fatigue

Of course, everyone is different and will surely experience different benefits from using the Belly Button Healing wand infused with Hantoryum.

Try this Energetic Muscle Test

You may be wondering how you can feel or sense the effects of Hantoryum in the Belly Button Healing Wand. A simple and surprising way to test this is through the o-ring muscle test. Grab a partner and test your energetic strength!

  • One person will be performing the test and the other will be testing their own energy—then you can switch places.
  • The person being tested will touch their middle finger and pointer finger together firmly, but not forcefully.
  • The testee will hold a Belly Button Healing wand in the opposite hand and focus on the healing power of the material.
  • The person testing will attempt to separate the fingers of the person being tested by pulling the fingers apart and noticing if they separate easily or if they are firmly connected.

Then the testee will set down the Belly Button Healing wand and perform the test again—paying attention to the difference between holding the wand and not.

This test can be performed with just about anything to test energetic strength (chakras, crystals, meridians, etc).

The energy that flows through our bodies is the same that powers the sun and tapping into it is much easier than you may think. To empower and amplify your energy, try Belly Button Healing for just a few minutes a day and see how drastically your health, happiness, and life change!

Hantoryum has been infused into all each and every Belly Button Healing wand with intentional, loving care. Click here to shop all wands and Belly Button Healing Kits and start transforming your health and life today!