Welcome to the Affiliate Video Guide for the Belly Button Healing Kit. Below are links to videos that will provide you with a wealth of information about the background, how-to-use, and professionals’ testimonials on Belly Button Healing and the Kit. We recommended that you get comfortable in a quiet place and watch the videos in order.

Linda Yoonjin

Guest Educators
Dr. James Westphal – Chief of Psychiatry of the Adult Mental Health Division of the State of Hawaii’s Department of Health
Alex Rivas – Instructor at Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi. Belly Button Healing Trainer.
Dr. Deborah Coady  – OBGYN. Pelvic pain expert.
Dr. Alan Friedman – Nephrologist on Belly Button Healing for Insomnia and High Blood Pressure
Lea Ramos, APRN – Nurse Practitioner on Belly Button Healing for Back and Shoulder Pain

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