Improve Gut Health

A Gentle Massage

Belly Button Healing massages vital organs of the gastrointestinal tract, which can remove excess waste lodged in the ridges of the intestines acting as harmful toxins. Detoxifying the gut is the most crucial step in sustainably detoxifying the entire body from the inside out.

Common sense tells us to massage other body parts (i.e. arms, legs, shoulders, neck) when we feel toxic build up in our muscles…and massaging the intestines is no different! Everyday we expose our intestines to loads of toxins through our modern-day diet and farming practices, so they need our help in eliminating them quickly!

This is where Belly Button Healing comes in to act as an internal workout and massage for the gut

How Does It Work?

The belly button sits right on top of the small intestine, which is responsible for food breakdown and nutrient absorption. A healthy small intestine is soft and supple, but unfortunately, daily factors such as stress and toxins make our small intestine stiff and unable to perform as efficiently. A typical modern-day lifestyle of sitting at a desk or in the car for many hours and not getting enough exercise slows down the natural process of digestion and piles up toxins inside that we do not need. This causes a deluge of digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhea or digestive pain.

By stimulating the small intestine, Belly Button Healing activates sensory neurons there that respond to stretch and movement. Imagine this is like giving a little nudge to someone who’s fallen asleep to wake them up.

The message is then sent to the brain via a super highway called the vagus nerve, and the brain in turn sends orders back to the small intestine to start moving. This momentum created by Belly Button Healing allows key nutrients to be absorbed by the small intestine into the bloodstream for a well-nourished body. Not only that, through this process, food is also broken down well enough for the large intestine to eliminate waste easily for excellent bowel movement.

Gut Microbes in Digestion

One immediate effect of Belly Button Healing is heat forming in the abdomen. The small intestine houses important good bacteria in the gut, which flourish only when the gut is warm. Belly Button Healing naturally creates heat through a repeated pumping motion, which provides the perfect environment for the good bacteria to flourish and digest food while overshadowing the bad bacteria that damage the intestines.

The Belly Button Healing tool makes doing regular Belly Button Healing easy and effective. The ergonomic design and different sized points allow you to massage and stimulate the gut through the belly button at varied pressures comfortably.


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