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Acupressure Point of the Belly Button

Eastern medicine has known for thousands of years the importance of the belly button as an acupressure point. In fact, the belly button was even used as a stimulating point to revive someone in emergency treatment when a person suddenly lost consciousness or has collapsed due to high blood pressure or stroke!

In Eastern medicine, the acupressure point in the belly button is known as “Shin-gwol,” which means “the place where God resides.” The belly button is the place where life starts and is received and transferred by the embryo via the umbilical cord in its mother’s womb. Your belly button is not just a scar left over from birth! It is a very important acupressure point in recovering health and vitality.

Increasing Blood Circulation

A fascinating study reported by the Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post shows the effectiveness of stimulating the abdomen. Researchers from the St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Paterson, NJ provided treatment for resuscitating 103 emergency patients whose breathing was gradually stopping. There were two kinds of treatment: one was the conventional method of CPR on the chest; the other was a method that involved abdominal compressions in addition to traditional CPR. Amazingly, the recovery rate with the chest-CPR was no more than 7%, while the recovery rate with the abdominal compressions was more than triple that of only the chest at a surprising 25%.

So how does it work? Your gut holds one third of your entire body’s blood supply. When we put pumping pressure on the abdomen through Belly Button Healing, it circulates the blood collected around your vital organs throughout the entire body from head to toe. Regular blood circulation is the key to revitalized energy.

When you lack vitality or are feeling the afternoon slump,
pressing on the belly button through Belly Button Healing can help your body recover vigor and warmth

Creating a Warm Abdomen

Working as your body’s “reset button,” the belly button is the energetic gate to the gut. Energy needs to flow constantly in our bodies; a buildup of toxins and stagnation due to stiffness or stress will wreak havoc on the energetic flow and balance of the body.

We can identify the state of a person’s health just by checking whether their abdomen is warm or cold, soft or hard. People who lack vitality and who have health problems often have cold bellies and stiff intestines.

When our body temperature is low, our blood circulation, metabolism, and detoxification functions lower and our immunity drops as well. We easily gain abdominal fat when our belly is cold. This is because waste products are not readily processed under such conditions, creating an environment in which fat easily accumulates. But, if we keep a warm belly through Belly Button Healing, we can more easily lose weight.

Although raising body temperature through exercise is a good approach, in people whose level of basic fitness is low, body temperature can drop after exercising for some time. Additionally, exercising too much consumes basic energy, which could have the opposite effect. Therefore, we need to exercise in a way that’s right for our own condition.

The Belly Button Healing wand makes practicing Belly Button Healing easy and effective, and can help boost energy at the same time. The ergonomic design and different sized points allow you to stimulate the gut deeply and gently through the navel at varied pressure according to your own body’s need and condition. By using the tool with regular and mindful stimulation, this alternative healing method is very effective for renewed health.


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