Natural Pain Relief

The Pain-Stress Cycle

Pain can refer to any discomfort we feel in the body such as headaches, joint aches, foot pain, lower back aches, etc. Chronic pain is caused by a buildup of daily stress in our lives that manifests in the body. In a vicious cycle, chronic pain causes a continued stress response, which then causes physical and emotional responses to stress, which then circles back to chronic pain.

Relaxing Pain Muscles via the Vagus Nerve

Belly Button Healing directly stimulates the vagus nerve through the small intestine under the belly button. It is the vagus nerve that activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which triggers the “rest-and-digest” mode for the body.

The “rest-and-digest” characteristic of the parasympathetic nervous system causes the muscles around the stress point to naturally relax, and therefore, release the pain held in the body.

Belly Button Healing’s stimulation of the vagus nerve to activate the parasympathetic nervous system has been reported by many to reduce physical pain and the mental and emotional strain of stress.

Stimulating the Fascia

Pumping the abdomen through Belly Button Healing stimulates the fascial tissue under the abdominal wall that hold the muscles and organs together. Fascia is connected like a spider web throughout the entire body, and that’s why stimulating one part of the fascia causes rippling effects on all fascia.

The Belly Button Healing wand stimulates this fascia through the navel to help heal, repair, and regenerate. Gentle abdominal massaging induces the fascia and vagus nerve to kickstart the parasympathetic nervous system to relax muscles, which allows for natural pain relief.

Healing the fascia has an impact on the nervous system to relax pain and regain homeostasis or natural balance in the body. Some might feel more pain once they start Belly Button Healing. However, this is part of the natural process of releasing pain by bringing it to the surface and letting go of it.

Eight Reflexology Points

The belly button can be divided into eight sections that correspond to a different body part according to reflexology. Based on Eastern Medicine, stimulating the navel in these specific directions causes release in the corresponding body parts. The Belly Button Healing wand is the easiest and most accessible way to reach these reflexology points in the belly button.

You can use the Belly Button Healing wand to push down on each section to see which part feels more painful than others. Once you’ve found that pain point, you can use the wand to gently stimulate while breathing mindfully to release pain in that area and also its corresponding body part.


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